12 Best Adventure Cat Breeds for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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 | Sam Jones
Updated May 1, 2023

You might not think it, but a cat can be a great outdoor adventure buddy. Check out the best cat breeds for outdoor enthusiasts.

While many people think cats are tough to train and lack a sense of exploration, it's simply not the case.

Just about any cat can become an adventure enthusiast with the right gear and training, but some breeds are more eager to get out into nature than others. 


12 Best Adventure Cat Breeds 

Some cats love to snuggle on the couch, some love to chase their favourite cat toys around the house, and some would love nothing more than getting outside and conquering nature.

This post will cover the top twelve cat breeds that like to travel and are most likely to enjoy some of your favourite outdoor activities.

If you are considering adding a new adventure feline to your family, one of these active cat breeds might be the perfect fit.


1. Maine Coon Cat


Despite their huge size, Maine Coons are incredibly friendly and affectionate. Having a Maine Coon travel with you will fill your trip with meaning and provide tons of positive emotions.

These cute giants are eager to learn and love engaging in fun activities that stimulate them mentally and physically.

Why Maine Coons travel well:

  1. Grasp new knowledge fast, which facilitates training
  2. Gentle and loving
  3. Require much attention and playtime
  4. Good listeners stick to their human companion
  5. Love exploring new places


2. Siamese Cat


Siamese cats are known for their personality. It's one of the traits of the breed that people note.

The standout part of their temperament is that they are adventurous and have plenty of attitudes. They love playing with toys and scrambling up indoor cat trees.

They love to talk and explore and are known for sticking their nose into every nook and cranny that they can find.

These adventure cats love fresh air and the outdoors and are intelligent and clever. They are so smart that they are known to learn how to open doors with lever handles - showing their strong instinct to get outside.

With that all in mind, the Siamese is a great cat to take with you on your outdoor adventures.

Why Siamese cats are great outdoor adventurers:

  1. Very smart
  2. Love to learn
  3. Naturally adventurous
  4. Love the fresh air
  5. Plenty of attitudes!


3. Bengal Cat

bengal-catImage credit: Claudio Schwarz

Bengal cats are known for their agility, intelligence, endurance, and sense of exploration, making them perfect travel companions. 

That's probably why you see so many Bengal adventure cat Instagram accounts. These high-energy cats love exploring nature with their humans. 

They love risks and crave spending their tons of energy on exploring the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

If you decide to have a Bengal, you really should be expecting to pick up a leash and get your kitty out on an adventure hike with you. As an active cat breed, they need plenty of exercise and stimulation to stay satisfied.

Why Bengal kitties suit travel enthusiasts perfectly:

  1. Intelligent and quick learners
  2. Love socializing and receiving attention
  3. Full of energy and agile
  4. Highly adaptable to new environments, including water
  5. Have great stamina


4. Turkish Van Cat


Turkish Van cats are a favourite companion of many travellers thanks to their silky and fluffy coats, playful nature, and ability to swim.

If you live near the ocean, don't hesitate to get a Turkish Van that will love spending all day long on the beach swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the sand.

Make sure you provide your cat with fun activities regularly. Otherwise, they will get bored really fast.

Why Turkish Van Cats are a great partner for travelling:

  1. Feel good both on land and around water
  2. Despite their fancy cashmere-like coat, they don't require much grooming
  3. Energetic and fun-loving
  4. Loyal companions
  5. Smart and sociable, which makes training easier


5. American Bobtail Cat


Quickly adaptable to any kind of weather, easily trained to walk on a leash, and craving adventure, the American Bobtail is the perfect cat breed to consider for your next trip.

Bobtails are famous for their athletic build and somewhat wild appearance that combines ideally with their distinctive bobbed tail.

Why American Bobtail cats travel well:

  1. Adventurous and fun-loving creatures
  2. Athletic body that makes them great hikers, runners, and climbers.
  3. Ability to learn things quickly
  4. Water-resistant double coat to withstand any weather conditions
  5. Easily adaptable to a new place and new weather


6. American Shorthair Cat

american-short-hair-cat Image credit: Bella Pisani  

While being an independent explorer by nature, the American Shorthair is also family-friendly and people-oriented.

American Shorthairs love roaming and hunting but remain loyal to their human companion and follow them.

This adventurous breed adapts to a new environment effortlessly. It's friendly and social, even with strangers. You will be amazed by its intelligence and desire to learn new things.

Why American Shorthair is a perfect pet for travel enthusiasts:

  1. Quickly adaptable
  2. Innate explorers and adventure-seekers
  3. Highly intelligent
  4. Enjoy the human company
  5. Outstanding agility and endurance


7. Ocicat Cat


Another cat that loves to travel is the Ocicat. These striking cats take pride in an athletic body that helps them relentlessly climb, hike, jump, and explore the outdoor world.

Aside from a good physique, Ocicat boasts a formidable intellect allowing it to train easily and learn quickly.

They are normally very attached to their owner and love attention.

Why Ocicats are a good travel companion:

  1. Quick learner
  2. Require much space and activity
  3. Easy to train
  4. Enjoy spending time with their human companion
  5. Good general health and endurance


8. Persian Cat


This white furball has everything needed to become your perfect travel partner. Persian Cats adapt smoothly to new environments and train easily to fetch and walk on a leash.

A Persian cat is even-tempered, quiet, and docile, but they crave a lot of activity and playtime. The best thing, it is car- and airplane-friendly which makes it ideally suited for a travel lifestyle.

Why Persian cats are perfect for travel:

  1. It's easy to teach them new tricks and skills
  2. They adapt easily to new places
  3. They love outdoor activities
  4. Affectionate and docile
  5. Suited for long car trips


9. Manx Cat

manx-catImage credit: Ali Kazal

Originating on the Isle of Man, the Manx cat has a quiet and composed nature that can easily adapt to cat car trips and cat walks.

It's affectionate and sociable, guaranteeing you good company while travelling. Moreover, Manx cats are avid explorers who love discovering new places.

Why Manx cats are fit for travel:

  1. Suitable for car trips
  2. Not afraid of water
  3. Devoted to their owner, following him everywhere
  4. Master new skills, tricks, and behaviours at ease
  5. Constantly seek attention


10. Abyssinian Cat


There couldn't be a better travel companion than an Abyssinian cat.

These cats are adventurous by nature; they love to play, jump, run, climb and simply spend plenty of time outdoors. If you love hiking, then the Abyssinian is a great hiking cat breed.

Moreover, Abyssinian cats are extremely smart, which allows them to grasp new skills and behaviours fast, and they also have a robust build which is indispensable in climbing, hiking, and exploring the adventure playground of the outdoors for hours.

Why Abyssinian cats are perfect for travelling:

  1. Exceptionally inquisitive
  2. Stick to their owner
  3. Adore physical activity
  4. Quiet and patient, perfect for long and tiring trips
  5. Are attention-seekers and love the company of humans


11. Somali Cat


Somali cats are descended from the Abyssinian, so they share a lot of characteristics. In essence, the Somali is a longer-haired Abyssinian.

This medium-sized muscular cat takes a longer than average 18 months to reach full size, but it is a very active cat that loves to jump, climb and play.

The Somali is also very curious, loves to explore, and wants to play while doing it!

They are very affectionate and like to keep company with their human, so won't stray too far when you're off in the wild.

This breed is a perfect cat for outdoor adventures, and when you come home, they like you to comb their easy-to-groom long hair coat and have a delightful quiet murmur habit to accompany their purrs.

Why Somali cats are perfect for travelling:

  1. Like to jump and climb
  2. Strong human bond
  3. Playful and clever
  4. Easy to look after
  5. Affectionate


12. The Rescue or Shelter Cat

Best-cat-breeds-article-featurePhoto credit: maplexfern 

Perhaps the very best cat you should consider for an outdoor adventure cat is a rescue cat. They have great potential to become great travel companions no matter what breed or breeds they are.

Of course, a cat rescue will offer cats of different breeds and different personalities. The goal is to find a playful and curious feline that is open to learning and can easily adapt to travelling.

Your best bet is to choose a young kitty and teach it to walk on an adventure cat harness and leash and teach it tricks, such as how to fetch, from an early age.

Why rescue cats are great companions for outdoor enthusiasts:

  1. Keen on learning new stuff
  2. Grateful and affectionate, which helps create strong bonds during trips
  3. Mixed breeds can have genes of a travel-prone breed
  4. Adult shelter cats might already boast some travelling experience
  5. Devoted to their owner, will go with him everywhere


Characteristics of Adventure Cats

There are many adventure cat breeds that are keen on travelling or are predisposed to adopt a travel lifestyle easily.

While each breed has its strictly breed-related characteristics, some traits are common for all travel-prone felines.

Here are some of the character traits you should look for when choosing a furry travel companion

    • Curious
    • Loves roaming around outside
    • Easily adaptable to new conditions
    • Easy to train
    • Energetic and playful
    • A fit body
    • Loyal, docile, and attached to its owner
    • Loves companionship of people

Just about any cat can be an adventure cat with the right tools, practice and training. Of course, having a cat with an affinity for adventure helps, but you may not realize that your lazy bones indoor cat just might be hearing whispers of the call of the wild. 


Tips for Hiking with Cats

Whenever you take your cat outside, there are always some risks. Your cat will experience new terrain, learn to tolerate different weather, and may even encounter some wildlife. 

This experience can be overwhelming for a cat that is new to outdoor activities, so take your time getting them comfortable with going outside, walking on a cat harness and leash, and helping them get familiar with different types of terrain.

To help prepare for whatever nature has to offer, here are some top tips for hiking with your cat:

Best Cat Harness for Hiking with Cats


Do you have a cat that is itching for adventure? Before considering taking your cat on an outdoor trip with you, ensure you have a good quality cat harness and have leash trained your cat - safety first!

Check out How to Leash Train Your Cat for tips and tricks for getting your cat comfortable with her adventure gear.

The right adventure cat gear will make all the difference and can give you the peace of mind that your cat will be safe and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you.

Check out some of our favourite adventure cat harnesses for your next cat-friendly adventure:

RC Pets Adventure Kitty Harness

The RC Pets Adventure Kitty Harness is a full-support padded cat harness for true adventure cats to provide a secure and comfortable fit on any cat adventure. 

The breathable mesh fabric provides support without overheating your cat. The four adjustment points ensure a snug but comfortable fit to ensure your cat can't escape this harness, and the reflective lining helps keep your cat easily visible in low light. 

Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Cat Harness

Some cats are so excited to be out and about they may have a habit of trying to pull you around. Standard harnesses can encourage pulling and some sitting too high up on the neck for this habit to be safe. 

The Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness is a no-pull cat harness that uses gentle pressure across your cat's chest and shoulders to discourage pulling and teach better, calmer walking behaviours. 

This harness also comes with a bungee-style leash to further reduce pulling and prevent injury if your cat gets excited and jumps and darts. 

Bring the Right Gear

Besides walking accessories, like a high-quality adventure cat harness, you are also going to need some extra gear to keep your kitty comfortable and safe on the trails.

Here are 5 essential items for hiking with cats:

  1. Collapsible travel bowl and fresh, clean water
  2. Cat treats for energy and encouragement
  3. Cat collar with ID tags
  4. Flea & tick prevention
  5. Pet wipes for spot cleaning

Longer cat hikes and multi-day treks require even more gear. You should always pack enough cat food and water for your cat, and a little extra just in case.

Be prepared for changing weather too. A hot summer hike could leave your cat feeling overheated. Check out our top tips for cooling down a cat

You should also plan to have your cat share your tent if you are going camping, so bring a soft blanket or a cozy cat bed to keep your kitty warm on a cool summer's eve.

Pet ID Tags


Try a Cat Hiking Backpack

Not every cat is going to get comfortable with a cat harness and leash. In this case, or if your adventure is just a little too strenuous for your cat, then a cat backpack for hiking might be the best solution. 

Even cats that are pros on a leash may not be able to keep up with you on a long hike. A cat backpack carrier lets you bring along your feline friends without worrying about them getting overwhelmed or overworked on your favourite hike.

The Baxter & Bella Pet Backpack is a lightweight backpack-style carrier for cats made from water-resistant fabric. The front mesh screen gives your cat a beautiful view of your hike while they relax in the comfortable carrier.


Is Your Cat an Adventure Cat?

@Maplexfern-lake-louisePhoto credit: maplexfern

When you think of a companion animal, you might think of a dog first, but your cat might be just as excited and capable of joining you on some of your favourite outdoor adventures. They enjoy travelling and exploring new places, and cats are very trainable despite what you might think.

If you are choosing a new cat to be part of your family, these twelve active cat breeds should be on your list.

Once you've found the right cat for you and one that is going to enjoy your adventures, just take it easy to start with. Practice walking your cat close to home. Give them time to adjust to their adventure harness and other cat adventure gear.

Give your cat time to learn the basic travel behaviors they will have to get used to, and try teaching them some tricks to make outdoor experiences easier.

Let your cat practice at a slow pace until she gets used to the new activity, and don't forget to reward her with high-value cat treats for every accomplishment.


Common Questions About Adventure Cats

Which cat breeds are known for their adventurous and outdoor-loving nature? 

Breeds like the Bengal, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Siamese, Turkish Van, and Savannah cats are often recognized for their affinity for outdoor exploration and active lifestyles.

Are all cat breeds comfortable with outdoor adventures? 

While some cat breeds have a natural inclination for outdoor activities, each individual cat's personality plays a significant role. It's essential to assess your cat's temperament and comfort level before embarking on outdoor adventures.

What traits make certain cat breeds suitable for outdoor adventures?

Cat breeds suitable for outdoor adventures typically possess traits like high energy levels, curiosity, agility, adaptability, and a strong desire to explore their surroundings.

Are adventure cat breeds good companions for hiking or camping? 

Yes, many adventure cat breeds can make excellent companions for hiking and camping trips. They can adapt to new environments and enjoy being outdoors with their human companions.

Do adventure cat breeds require specific training for outdoor activities? 

Yes, adventure cat breeds benefit from gradual training to become comfortable with harnesses, leashes, and outdoor environments. Start indoors and progressively introduce them to outdoor spaces.

Can indoor cats become adventure cats?

Indoor cats can become adventure cats with proper training and gradual exposure to outdoor settings. Consult your veterinarian for advice and ensure their safety with appropriate gear and precautions.


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