The Best Cat Water Fountains: Why Your Pet Needs One

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Updated May 26, 2023

It may sound like a fancy luxury, but fitting households with a cat water fountain can actually provide many health benefits. Check out our list of the best cat water fountains and the reasons that your pet needs one.


5 Benefits of Pet Water Fountain

Keeping your pet hydrated is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Having a constant supply of fresh water is vital, but using a pet water fountain is a healthier, safer, and more practical option than a traditional water bowl for your cat--especially those with added features like a filtration system and activated carbon filter.

Here are five reasons to upgrade to the best pet water fountain:


1. Temperature


A fountain will keep your pet's water 1-2 degrees cooler than a typical water bowl. The water will be slightly cooler than room temperature. Two degrees may not seem like a lot, but that temperature difference is refreshing enough to encourage your cat to drink more.


2. Filtration


Most pet water fountains will have a cat water fountain filter located in the motor. In most cat waterfall fountains, the filter is made of carbon, which can remove impurities from our tap water. Carbon keeps the water cleaner and can improve the taste and smell, again encouraging your pet to drink more.

Filters will also catch debris from building up in the water, like dirt and hair. Take a look at your cat's stagnant water bowl at the end of the day. It's probably full of gunk, right? With a fountain, your cat's water will stay much cleaner.


3. Hydration


Cooler, fresher water can encourage your pet to drink more, but why is that important?

Most cats don't drink enough water, especially those that are fed a primarily dry diet, like kibble. If your pet isn't getting regular moisture in their diet, like from a raw or canned diet, then they must drink plenty of water throughout the day to compensate.

Proper hydration can improve digestion, increase nutrient absorption, and even aid in flushing out toxins and bacteria that can build up in their urinary and digestive tract. If your kitty has ever experienced a urinary tract infection, getting them a fountain can help prevent future infections. 

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4. Volume


This one is both a benefit to you and your pet. Most pet water fountains can hold 2-3 litres of water or more. This capacity can reduce the need to refill the dish as often and make sure that your pet always has access to fresh, clean water.

If you have multiple pets or even a large dog, a small water bowl may disappear quickly, leaving little leftover for the kitty. Fountains are perfect for dogs and cats, so make sure that your pets never run out, no matter who is hogging all the water.


5. Circulation


Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Circulation can prevent bacteria and fungus build-up, so keep your pet's water moving to keep it clean and safe.

You may also find that they prefer the movement of the water. If your cat has ever tried to drink from the tap or, worse - the toilet (yes, cats do it too!), then it's likely that they will prefer a pet water fountain to a traditional bowl. 


The Best Water Fountain for Cats

Now that you know why you need the best cat fresh water fountain, let's take a look at your options and find the best cat (and dogs) water fountain. From BPA-free plastic to free-falling streams and adjustable flow, there are many characteristics to consider before making a purchase.

Catit Senses Flower Fountain 3.0


The Catit Flower Fountain is designed specifically with cats in mind, although a small or medium breed dog could use it too. It even has an LED nightlight to make sure your cat can find a refreshing drink at any time of day or night.

It has a flower-shaped spout that allows water to pour down from multiple sides and small indents where water can pool, allowing your pet to drink from multiple points and flow rates.

If you worry about your cat's hydration needs when you aren't home, try the Catit Pixi Smart Fountain. Use the app to see when the water is low and control the fountain from your phone. The fountain also comes with UV sterilization to eliminate bacteria and an led night for easy nighttime use. 

Shop Catit Senses 3.0 Flower Fountain

Dogit Zeus H2EAU Drinking Fountain


Fountains for dogs and cats are fundamentally the same, so a larger dog fountain, like the Zeus H2EAU, might be the best option if you have more than one pet. With a holding capacity of 6L, this fountain is suitable for pets of any size, even larger dogs.

Its low-flow design is ideal for pets that have never used a pet water fountain before. It's quieter and less intimidating than some other types of best cat fountain. The wide, flat design is easy for pets of any size to use.

Shop Dogit Zeus H2EAU Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Pet Premium Plastic Swan Water Fountain


While this is the smallest fountain on our list, it is also one of the most popular designs. The Pioneer Pet Swan Fountain head pours water down into the basin, like a faucet, which is preferred by pets that like to drink from the tap.

The white plastic bowl basin is easy to clean, and the filter and motor are entirely hidden by the spout to muffle the sound. The Swan Fountain is our most stylish-looking fountain too.

Shop Pioneer Pet Swan Water Fountain

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain - Raindrop Design


Most cat water fountains are plastic, which can be scratched and damaged over time. Bacteria can build up in all the nooks and crannies and will need to be replaced to keep your pet safe. Better yet, it beats using plastic bowls!

The Pioneer Stainless Steel Fountain solves that issue. Not only will the steel design reduce bacteria, the basin and top flow pieces are dishwasher safe, further preventing bacteria and calcium build-up.

Shop Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Water Fountain


Do you have a small zoo living in your home? The Petmate Deluxe Fountain is perfect for multi-pet homes because of its shape and size. The wide basin provides plenty of holding capacity so that larger pets don't drink the fountain dry before your parched kitty gets a chance to quench her thirst. 

This fountain holds up to 108 oz of water that you pours quietly from the spout to make the fountain less intimidating and reduces splash and mess. The replaceable charcoal filter helps to remove impurities and keep your pet's water clean and safe.

Try the smaller cat version of the Petmate Fountain if you don't need to keep fresh water for multiple pets of different sizes. 

Shop Petmate Products

Best Cat Fountain Cleaning Tips

Although fountains will be a cleaner and safer option than your usual cat water bowl, the fountains do need to be cleaned routinely to keep them in good condition. Here are a few tips for prolonging the life of your best cat water fountain:

  • Replace the filter every 4-6 weeks to ensure that the carbon can remove impurities in our tap water.
  • The motor easily comes apart to remove hair and debris that gets caught in the grated intake. Pull out the impeller and rinse it off each time you clean the fountain. A clean impeller will keep your motor running longer.
  • Avoid using detergents and soaps to clean the filter. Instead, use a diluted vinegar and water solution. White or Apple Cider Vinegar will break down calcium build-up and sanitize the basin.
  • Never let your motor run dry. You may not have to fill the bowl as often, but you should be checking it daily to make sure it's not getting low. The motors are designed to run with water, so running is dry can damage the motor.
  • Although the cords and motor are sealed to prevent water from touching any electrical parts, it's still safest to use the "U loop" method for the cord. Make sure that the cord loops down to make a U shape, preventing water from running to the plug and socket.

Ready to upgrade? Your cat will thank you!




Common Questions About Cat Water Fountains

Why should I consider using a cat water fountain? 

Cat water fountains provide a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water, which can encourage your cat to drink more. This is especially beneficial for cats who may be prone to urinary tract issues or dehydration.

How do cat water fountains work? 

Cat water fountains circulate water using a pump, creating a flowing stream. This movement helps oxygenate the water and prevents it from becoming stagnant. Some fountains also include filters to remove impurities.

Are cat water fountains easy to clean? 

Yes, many cat water fountains are designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. Regular maintenance, such as changing the water and cleaning the components, is important to ensure the fountain remains hygienic.

Will my cat like a water fountain? 

Many cats are intrigued by the movement and sound of flowing water. Cats with a preference for running tap water may particularly enjoy using a water fountain. However, individual preferences can vary.

Are cat water fountains noisy? 

Most cat water fountains have adjustable flow settings, allowing you to control the water's speed and, consequently, the noise level. Some fountains are designed to be quiet, while others may produce a gentle trickling sound.

Do I need to use a specific type of water in the fountain? 

It's recommended to use clean, filtered water in the cat water fountain. Regular tap water is usually fine, but if your tap water has an unusually strong taste or odour, you might consider using filtered water. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for water quality.

Can cat water fountains help prevent urinary issues in cats? 

Yes, cat water fountains encourage cats to drink more water, which can help dilute their urine and reduce the risk of urinary tract issues, such as crystals or stones. Adequate hydration is crucial for overall urinary health.

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