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While most dogs are known for being pretty easygoing, they can be surprisingly picky when it comes to the toys they play with! Combine that with the fact that dogs can be incredibly hard on toys, and you have a high bar when it comes to what toys get played with and actually last longer than 10 minutes. The best way we can show you our picks is through what consistently sells.

Here are our top 10 best-selling dog toys (in no particular order) that customers like you keep coming back for:

AFP Cuddle Floppers


The All for Paws Cuddle Floppers are the perfect blend of snuggable, chewable, tossable, squeakable fun for your dog! With a soft, plushy exterior and dental rope interior, the AFP Cuddle Floppers are a multi-use toy that your dog can find hours of enjoyment with. 3 adorable animal variations.  Shop AFP Dog Toys

Jolly Pets Tug Toy


There are few toys that can function well as both cuddle toys and tug toys, mostly because the two categories seem to be at odds with one another. Despite this, the Jolly Pet Tug toy manages to be soft and cuddly, yet tough and durable where it counts. Perfect for tug games with a favourite human or a canine pal.  Available in 3 different sizes. Shop Jolly Pet Dog Toys

Spot Skinneeez Fox


Skinneeez are one of the best innovations to dog toys to come around in the last fifteen years. And clearly, you agree. These toys are plush, so they satisfy your dog’s need to destroy something soft and cuddly, but they have absolutely no stuffing! This means no mess when your pet eventually pulls it apart. Skinneeez also include two squeakers to delight your dog. Shop Skinneeez Dog Toys

Tuffy's Ultimate Ring


There’s no secret to why Tuffy’s made our best-selling toys list; it’s right in their name. Tuffy’s are built tougher than your average toy, and what’s more – they’re stuffed! Double-stitched, floating, soft on gums, fun to throw and toss, 4 squeakers, machine washable, and a 9/10 on the Tuffy scale are all part of what makes the Tuffy’s Ring a top seller. Shop Tuffy Dog Toys

Chuckit Ultra Balls


Chuckit Ultra Balls really are the ultimate dog balls. Brightly coloured, extra bouncy, floating, made out of durable natural rubber, and the perfect fit for Chuckit Ball Launchers, these balls are the only ball your pet needs. Except for maybe the next toy on our list... Shop Chuckit Dog Toys

Kong AirDog SqueakAir Tennis Balls


Innovative as ever, Kong combined two of your dog’s favourite things: tennis balls and squeakers! Kong SqueakAir balls are made out of a non-abrasive tennis ball material that is safe for your dog’s teeth. They make an excellent fetch toy and won’t hurt your pet’s teeth if she decides to chew them, either. Conveniently comes in 5 different ball sizes to suit your dog perfectly. Shop All Kong Dog Toys

JW Hol-ee Roller Ball


JW Pet Toys are known for their durable, fun rubber toys. Our customers have picked the Hol-ee Roller as their favourite and it’s easy to see why. The Hol-ee Roller is a geometric mesh rubber ball that is easy for your dog to grab and shake. It bounces, is flexible, virtually indestructible, and comes in three different sizes. Shop All JW Pet Dog Toys

Flossy 2 Knot Bone


Rope bones are excellent for your pet’s dental health, “flossing” your dog’s teeth as they chew. They make an excellent toy, whether your dog is shaking and chewing it himself, playing tug of war with you, or playing keep away with another doggy friend. Flossy Rope Bones are also handmade and made from 100% cotton. Shop All Flossy Dog Toys

Kong Classic Dog Toy


The Kong Classic has to be one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable dog toys! Made out of 100% natural rubber, the Kong Classic is great for stuffing treats in, rolling around, chewing, and bouncing erratically. Kong toys have been used throughout the world for helping dogs (and even zoo animals!) with boredom, anxiety, and behavioural issues. Shop All Kong Dog Toys

Kong Wild Knots Bear


With a name like Kong, you know that it’s going to be a best-seller. The Wild Knots stuffed animal toys are adorable, and include minimal stuffing (for less mess), and an internal knot for fun, interactive play. All Kong Wild Knots toys are soft and come with a squeaker to encourage even more play. Available in multiple sizes! Shop KONG Plush Toys

Posted by Amy Dyck

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