15 Easy & Simple DIY Pet Costumes

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 | Amy Dyck
Updated July 1, 2020

Whether you are gearing up for a spooky Halloween party or just want some adorable and memorable photos, you want a pet costume that is cute, creative, and yet easy enough to put together in minutes. Quality-made dog clothes can be practical , but for fun events like halloween, these easy DIY pet costumes are sure to please, but simple enough that anyone could pull them off (and they don't break the bank). Additionally, most of these are comfortable enough that even sensitive pets shouldn't have a problem wearing them.

Here are 15 Easy, Simple DIY Pet Costumes:

1. Simple Spider Pet Costume

You want a cute Halloween outfit for your dog, but he hates wearing them. This simple spider costume is super easy to make and great for dogs who don't like wearing costumes. There's not a big cost involved, and just a sort trip to the craft store or dollar store and you should be all set for this one (Unless you happen to keep dozens of pipecleaners around. We won't judge, honest.)

Skills: Twisting Pipecleaners

Materials: Pipecleaners

2. Beanie Baby Pet Costume

Is your dog or cat cute enough to be a Beanie Baby? It doesn't get any easier than this DIY Ty Beanie Baby costume. Guaranteed you have materials for this at home. In 10 minutes, your dog can have an adorable, creative outfit for tricks (but mostly treats). No tutorial required!

Skills: Virtually none

Materials: Paper, markers (or printer), cardboard could help for sturdiness

Beanie Baby Pet Costume

Source: Unknown

3. Easy Dinosaur Costume

Use an old kids' shirt, or try it with an older dog sweater that you already have. Make it no-sew by using hot glue.

Skills: Simple sewing (or hot gluing)

Materials: Foam sheets, old shirt or dog sweater

Easy Dinosaur Costume

Source: The Next Bird

4. Tutu Costume

This tutu costume is simple, pretty, and unlike kid/baby tutus, its bare underbelly won't get soiled by potty breaks.

Skills: Simple sewing (or hot gluing)

Materials: Fabric elastic, tulle, Velcro fastener (although you could skip this part) 

Tutu Costume

Source: Pitlandia

5. Pinata Pet Costume

Find old dog sweater. Hot glue fringed strips of crepe paper (or my suggestion would be felt for a more durable costume) to it. That simple.

Skills: Gluing

Materials: Old dog sweater, crepe paper or felt

Pinata Pet Costume

Source: Studio DIY

6. Horse and Rider Pet Costume

This easy horse and rider costume is original and very easy to make with a few materials. 

Skills: Simple sewing or hot gluing

Materials: Two pieces of felt or fabric, old stuffed animal, fabric elastic for attaching "saddle", yarn for "bridle" (optional)

Horse and Rider Pet Costume

Source: The Sweet Spot Blog

7. Tie Pet Costume

This is so, so easy. Just cut and glue. And did we mention it's absolutely adorable? I think this would work great for a dog in a wedding...

Skills: None

Materials: Glue, old tie

Tie Pet Costume

Source: Sew Doggystyle

8. Super (Easy) Pet Costume

Ever thought your dog or cat would look great in a cape? She totally would. And this DIY is so easy, you can make that happen.

Skills: Gluing

Materials: Fabric, Velcro Fasteners, Glue

Super (Easy) Pet Costume

Source: Instructables (soccerqueen)

9. Pet Bride and Groom Costume

What a cute costume for a pair of pets! There are many simple ways you could recreate this DIY, using tulle affixed to a collar for a bride's veil, or attaching a homemade or costume bow-tie to a collar for your groom. Or, if you are short on time and skills, or simply want a more professional look, you can buy this for a good deal straight from the Etsy merchant. 

Skills: None!

Materials: tulle or costume veil, costume bow-tie or ribbon/felt to make your own, ribbon, glue

Pet Bride and Groom Costume

Source: Etsy (ilickyou)

10. Lego Dog Costume

For dogs who are a little more tolerant of dog costumes, this cute and easy DIY gets top points for creativity. This is probably the pet DIY costume with the most steps involved on this page, and even then, it's not difficult. While the original project used foam cylinders, you could easily swap toilet paper tubes or plastic cups for it, and paint could be used instead of foam sheets for colour.

Skills: Gluing

Materials: foam sheets (paint or felt would work, too), foam cylinders (or toilet paper tubes), fabric elastic for fastening

Lego Dog Costume

Source: Five Legs Between Us

11. Tuxedo Pet Costume

This costume works especially well if you have a black dog or a cat. Just find an old dress shirt and use some scissors to make a quick collar. To be safe, affix a Velcro fastener instead of the button for easy removal.

Skills: Scissor skills

Materials: Old dress shirt, Velcro fasteners

Tuxedo Pet Costume

Source: Daily Fail Centre

12. Flower Pet Costume

This simple sew flower pet costume is easy if you have some rudimentary sewing skills, but you can also get by just gluing fabric or cardboard "petals" onto an old collar. 

Skills: Simple sewing, hot gluing

Materials: Fabric (or Cardboard) for petals, Fabric elastic (or an old collar)

Flower Pet Costume

Source: DIY Network

13. Pop Case Dog Costume

This is a choice one for all you self-confessed procrastinators. If you have an empty pop case (or a full one that can be emptied), it can make a super simple and funny small dog costume in a pinch. This one may need modifying for shorter dogs, but works great as is for daschunds.

Skills: None

Materials: Empty pop case box

Pop Case Dog Costume

14. Hula Dancer Pet Costume

This hula dancer DIY dog costume is so cute, and you can probably use dollar store costume finds to make it with a few slight adjustments for your dog. I would suggest removing the bottom fringe for easy pee breaks. 

Skills: None

Materials: $ store hula skirt (or make your own with an elastic fabric band, glue gun, and raffia or cut strips in a brown paper bag), lei.

Hula Dancer Pet Costume

Source: Etsy (MyDoggieDuds)

15. Martini Dog Costume

This is a really inventive idea, but would only work well for pets who don't mind wearing a cone collar (or if your pet already happens to be wearing one). Olives and skewer can be made with a number of objects you have on hand at home, or a few supplies from the craft store.

Skills: none

Materials: dog cone collar, foam balls (or tennis balls or something similar), green paint, red foam/cardboard/construction paper or paint, wooden dowel. 

Martini Dog Costume

Source: Unknown

Want more? Check out our gallery of 20 Funny, Creative, & Outrageous Pet Costumes, or check out the Best Pumpkin Treats for Dogs. Happy Howl-oween!

Will your dog or cat be wearing a pet costume this Halloween? Share with us in the comments below.

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Amy Dyck


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