15 Easy & Simple DIY Pet Costumes

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 | Amy Dyck
Updated October 6, 2023

Whether you are gearing up for a spooky Halloween party or just want some adorable and memorable photos, you want a pet costume that is cute, creative, and yet easy enough to put together in minutes.

You can go with a clever DIY dog costume or cat costume that you create yourself or you can invest in a pre-made outfit. You'll want an adorable costume that really showcases the personality of your furry friend.

Quality-made dog clothes can be practical, but for fun events like Halloween, these easy DIY pet costumes for dogs and cats are sure to please but simple enough that anyone could pull them off (and they don't break the bank).

Creating a dog Halloween costume or a cat costume is fun for the whole family.

Here are 15 Easy, Simple DIY Costumes:

1. Simple Spider Pet Costume

Spider dog, spider dog, does whatever a spider dog does! This simple homemade DIY dog costume outfit is super easy to make and great for dogs who don't like wearing costumes.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Materials: Thick black pipe cleaners


2. Beanie Baby Pet Costume

Is your dog or cat cute enough to be a Beanie Baby? It doesn't get any easier than this DIY Ty Beanie Baby costume. Guaranteed you have materials for this at home.

Difficulty Level: 1/5

Materials: Paper, scissors, markers (or printer), cardboard could help for sturdiness

puppy costumesPhoto Credit: Meowbox

Another homemade costume idea that works great for large breed dogs, especially if they are brown, is to cut out a square and draw the Scooby Doo logo.

Pair it with a blue or teal collar and Zoiks! Let your pup wear this cute outfit and then head out to trick or treat for Scooby Snacks.

3. TMNT Costume

Cowabunga, dude! Transform your dog into your favourite hero in a half-shell! This simple costume can be made with only a few simple materials. To create your dog's ninja turtle costume, just grab an old t-shirt or a dog sweater and a disposable basting pan for the shell. Then just get creative with this DIY dog costume!

Difficulty Level: 3/5

Materials: Foam sheets, old shirt, or dog sweater, non-toxic paint

pet costumes for dogsPhoto Credit: Craftsbycourtney


4. Ballerina Costume

If your dog is graceful and elegant, then they need a costume to match. If your dog is a huge clutz, then they can ironically don this adorable ballerina costume for trick or treating.

This dog tutu costume is simple and pretty, and unlike kid/baby tutus, its bare underbelly won't get soiled by potty breaks. Its ones of the costume crafts that can be altered easily into a fancy Disney princess.

Difficulty Level: 4/5

Materials: Fabric elastic, tulle, velcro fastener (although you could skip this part) 

simple inexpensive halloween costumesPhoto credit: Pitlandia.blogspot


5. Pinata Pet Costume

Find an old dog sweater. Hot glue fringed strips of crepe paper (or my suggestion would be felt for a more durable costume) to it. That simple. See the full tutorial dog pinata costume.

Difficulty Level: 5/5

Materials: Old dog sweater, crepe paper or felt, hot glue gun

puppy costumesPhoto Credit: Modpodgerocksblog


6. CTO(Chief Treat Officer) Pet Costume

This is so, so easy. Just cut and glue. And did we mention it's absolutely adorable? In just minutes, your dog can become a dapper business dog, ready to wheel and deal for his favourite goodies!

You can even let your pup go undercover dressed as a police pooch or a country sherriff.

Difficulty Level: 1/5

Materials: Hot glue gun, old tie

pet costumes for dogsPhoto Credit: Sew Doggystyle

As simple as this costume is, you might be looking for something even simpler. Don't worry. We got you! The Fuzzdog Mr. Carrington Necktie is the easiest instant pet costume. The white collar and polka dot neck tie combo will have your dog looking like he's ready to storm the boardroom!

7. Super (Easy) Pet Costume

Dogs are not the hero we deserve, but they are the hero we need! Ever thought your dog or cat would look great in a cape? She totally would.

And this DIY superhero costume is so easy! Be as creative or as lazy as you want with this one.

Some extra felt can be cut out to make a custom logo or a copy of your dog's favourite superhero!

If you don't want to do a super hero, you can modify it to be little red riding hood.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Materials: Fabric, velcro fasteners, hot glue

simple inexpensive halloween costumesPhoto Credit: Instructables


8. Pet Groom Costume

Want your pooch to look sharp on Halloween? Why not try to make your own DIY dog groom costume?

Not feeling crafty? That's ok. You can create a quick formal look with the FunDog Tuxedo Bandana.

Difficulty Level: 3/5

Materials: white button-up shirt, black felt, hot glue, 3 small buttons, scissors


9. Lego Dog Costume

For dogs who are a little more tolerant of DIY dog costumes, these cute dog costumes and easy DIY Lego brick gets top points for creativity. This is probably the pet DIY costume with the most steps involved on this page, and even then, it's not difficult.

While the original project used foam cylinders, you could easily swap toilet paper tubes or plastic cups for it, and paint could be used instead of foam sheets for colour.

Difficulty Level: 3/5

Materials: foam sheets (paint or felt would work, too), foam cylinders (or toilet paper tubes), fabric elastic for fastening

puppy costumesPhoto Credit: Fivelegsbetweenus.blogspot


10. Unicorn Pet Costume

Who doesn't love a good rainbow unicorn, right? This DIY Unicorn pet costume may look professional, but it's easy enough to make yourself. This mythical pet costume is sure to have your trick or treaters cooing over your adorable dog.

Difficulty Level: 4/5

Materials: white felt, shiny gold fabric, hot glu, rainbow yarn, poly-fil, needle and thread, white ribbon, scissors

unicorn-dog-costumePhoto Credit: Craft Box Girls


11. Shark Attack Dog Costume

Duun dun...duun dun..dundundundundun. This fun "couples" costume is so easy that even the uncraftiest of dog parents can throw together this simple last-minute costume idea. 

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Materials: Foam board, long strip of stretchy fabric, self-adhesive velcro strips

simple inexpensive halloween costumesPhoto Credit: Wearwagrepeat


12. Ewok Dog Costume

OK, so it's technically a teddy bear costume, but let's call a spade a spade, shall we? It's a very adorable Ewok costume for dogs. As long as you are willing to sacrifice a stuffed bear, then this costume requires no tools (not even a sewing machine) and no skill, and it's heckin' cute!

Difficulty Level: 1/5

Materials: A teddy bear or similar stuffed toy that is as tall as your pet

puppy costumesPhoto Credit: Makezine


13. Martini Dog Costume

This is a really inventive idea, but would only work well for pets who don't mind wearing a cone collar (or if your pet already happens to be wearing one). Olives and a skewer (use a pipe cleaner for a fast skewer) can be made with a number of objects you have on hand at home or a few supplies from the craft store.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Materials: clear dog cone collar, foam balls (hockey balls, etc.), non-toxic green and red paint, wooden dowel

pet costumes for dogsSource: Unknown


14. Spooky Ghost Costume

Another super simple but very classic scary costume idea for getting that perfect Halloween photo with your dog is the good old-fashioned white sheet with eye holes (and a snoot hole) cut out. This one won't be the easiest to keep on or walk in, but it makes for an excellent spooky photo shoot with your pup. It's also great if your dog can play dead on command.

Difficulty Level: 0/5

Materials: a white sheet or pillowcase, scissors



15. Corn Dog Costume

We just had to include this one. This corn dog costume is a little more complex than some of the others on this list, but the juice is worth the squeeze on this one.

Hit up your local craft store for some basic materials and you can show your friends and neighbors just how much your dog loves corn!

Difficulty Level: 5/5

Materials: yellow pom poms, green felt, fabric glue, velcro dots, non-toxic green paint

Corn-Dog-Pet-CostumePhoto Credit: Morena's Corner

Check out our site for 20 Funny, Creative, & Outrageous Pet Costumes, or the Best Pumpkin Treats for Dogs for some dog snacks worth trick or treating for. Happy Howl-oween!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some easy DIY pet costume ideas for Halloween? 

Explore simple costume ideas like a pumpkin, a hot dog, a bumblebee, Harry Potter with glasses, a cup with a Starbucks logo, or a superhero cape to dress up your pet for Halloween.

How can I ensure my DIY pet costume is safe and comfortable for my pet? 

Choose soft, non-restrictive materials and avoid costumes that cover your pet's eyes, nose, or mouth.

What are some creative ways to make a DIY pet costume unique and personalized? 

Personalize your pet's costume with accessories like a themed dog's collar, bandana, colorful dog's harness, or a name tag with a Halloween twist.

Are there any precautions I should take when introducing my pet to their Halloween costume? 

Start by letting your pet get used to the costume gradually, rewarding them with treats and positive reinforcement.

Can I make a DIY pet costume that matches my own Halloween costume? 

Yes, you can create matching or complementary costumes for you and your pet, which can be a fun and memorable Halloween experience for so many families and even for the fur babies.

What should I do if my pet seems uncomfortable or stressed while wearing their Halloween costume?

If your furry friend appears distressed or uncomfortable in their costume, consider removing it immediately and opting for a simpler, less restrictive costume.

Written by

Amy Dyck


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