Why Dogs Can't Eat Cat Food and Cats Can't Eat Dog Food

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I have been receiving a few questions lately from customers wondering about the differences between dog and cat foods. 

The questions usually go something like this: "Why can't I just give my dog and cat the same food?", or "My dog seems to like the cat's food better. Can I just feed him this?" Now, I don't want to cause you to panic. If your dog has eaten a little bit of your cat's food, he'll be okay (assuming there are no allergies). However, if it is a regular habit and your dog is eating your cat's food as a main source of nutrients, then there may be some negative long-term effects.

Sure, dog and cat foods use similar meat ingredients and the ingredients may seem similar from a distance, but here are some key differences between dog and cat foods that you may not notice from just reading the package. I decided to take the time to inform and help bring understanding about some of the differences between dog and cat food as well as why dogs can't eat cat food, and cats can't eat dog food.


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