High Calorie Dog Treats: 15 Awesome Hiking Snacks for Dogs

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Updated April 23, 2021

High energy dogs need high-energy treats to fuel them on their adventures. Make sure to pack high-calorie dog treats on your next hiking trip to give your dog the energy he needs to keep up.

Snacks should be a staple in your dog’s hiking gear so make sure one of these treats makes your checklist. Look for treats that offer lots of nutrition from healthy proteins, fats, and carbs so that your dog can maintain the energy levels needed for long hikes and navigating rough terrain.

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15 Best High-Calorie Dog Treats for Your Next Hiking Trip

Your dog would probably be satisfied with just about any treat, but to fuel your pup on a challenging hike, you need a high-calorie treat to provide energy.

To help you find the right hiking treats for your dog, we put together our top 15 high-calorie dog treats:

1. Farm Fresh Dog Treats

high calorie snacks for hiking

These tasty, meaty sticks are a real crowd-pleaser (yes, we’ve tried them, they’re delish!). They are easily broken into bite-sized pieces for on-the-go snacking but aren’t too big or calorie-dense to feed whole.

Available in beef, bacon, or lamb, these soft and chewy treats are loaded with flavour, protein, and fat. Lamb is both the highest calorie and highest fat flavour in the line.

The only downside to this snack is that once opened, these snacks need to be refrigerated, so they are better to pack in a small cooler or with an ice pack. 

These are just one of our favourite Canadian Dog Treats. Find out what other local brands your dog will love. 

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2. Benny Bully’s

high calorie dog snacks

One of the original players in the freeze-dried treat game, Benny Bully’s offers minimally processed beef liver in a conveniently portable format.

Choose from the original beef formula, or surprise your pooch with one of their 12 other flavours, including cranberry, pumpkin, or kelp. These treats are high in protein to provide your dog with long-lasting energy.

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3. Crumps’ Naturals Sweet Potato Chews

high energy foods for dogs

When your dog needs a quick energy fix, a good source of healthy carbs will hit the spot. Sweet potatoes are a complex carb that provides easily digestible and calories to keep your dog feeling energized. 

These sweet potato chews are firm but chewy. They are easily broken into smaller pieces or fed as a satisfying chew during downtime and short breaks. 

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4. Plato Thinkers

high energy snacks for hiking

Everyone loves a pepperoni stick, so how about a pupperoni stick for your pooch? Plato Thinkers are made with over 90% meat and contain fish oil for an extra boost of healthy fats and oils.

Pick from salmon, duck, or chicken thinkers, all of which can be purchased in bulk sizing or handy, individually wrapped singles that make travelling with them a breeze.

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5. Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies

high calorie snacks for hiking

Nothing says outback adventures like hot dogs grilled over an open fire. Why not share your favourite campfire snack with your dog by offering him some Wild Weenies.

These little sausages shaped snacks are made with over 97% meat and organs for a high-protein punch to nourish your pet. Try one of these tasty flavours: Cage-free duck, game bird blend, grass-fed lamb, or the red meat recipe.

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6. Oven-Baked Tradition Fillets

high calorie dog snacks

Based on classic homemade recipes and wholesome ingredients, these fillets are the easiest way to bring along 100% fresh chicken or tuna meat.

These individually wrapped snacks are an excellent way to supplement healthy protein and calories in between meals on your hike. Chicken fillets are offered in original or the favoured bacon flavour. The tuna fillets provide therapeutic benefits like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids or glucosamine.

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7. Blue Wilderness Trail Treats

high energy foods for dogs

If your dog is more of a cookie monster, then check out Wilderness Trail Treats. Both high protein dog treats and grain-free, Trail Treats are made for dogs that feel at home in the wild.

These crunchy biscuits are available in turkey, duck, or salmon, and offer healthy omega fatty acids from flaxseed.

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8. Spot Farm Wild Shreds

high energy snacks for hiking

This family-owned company has been a leader in premium jerky treats for dogs, and Spot Farms has raised the bar again with their new Wild Shreds treats.

Wild Shreds are made from human-grade, ranch-raised beef, free-range bison, cage-free duck, or free-range organic chicken. Being high in protein and calories, these tasty meat strips are an excellent snack to fuel your dog, no matter where your adventure takes you.

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9. Dogswell Jerky

high calorie snacks for hiking

They are the perfect blend of high-energy nutrients and functional support all in one delicious snack. Dogswell treats are offered in chewy jerky, soft strips, tender nuggets, and grillers.

With choices like wild-caught salmon, or farm-raised duck or chicken, what more can you ask for? How about superfood ingredients like turmeric, flaxseed, and New Zealand green-lipped mussels to aid in hip and joint function, skin and coat care, and immunity support.

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10. Zukes Lil Links

high calorie dog snacks

These grain-free tender links are offered in 4 irresistible flavours: duck, chicken, pork, or rabbit. Premium animal protein and nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, like apples and carrots, make these treats a popular choice.

Lil Links offer your dog a boost of healthy carbs and nutrients to support endurance, no matter where your adventures lead. 

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11. Cloud Star Wag More Jerky

high energy foods for dogs

For a significant protein boost, Wag More Jerky is high in protein and fat for long-term energy. They are soft and chewy, allowing you to break them into bite-sized pieces for on-the-go treating.

They pair high-quality proteins like chicken, turkey, and duck with nutrient-dense superfoods, like cranberry, apple, and sweet potatoes.

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12. Cocotherapy Maggie’s Macaroons

high energy snacks for hiking

A sweet treat will boost both energy and spirit. Maggie’s Macaroons use 100% human-grade, organic, and non-GMO ingredients in these decadent snacks. With flavours like Coconut Apple Pie, Coconut Lemoncello, and Coconut Vanilla Flax, they look and smell good enough to eat yourself (and you can!).

Dogs use fat for energy very efficiently, especially when that fat comes from healthy sources like coconut oil. Maggie’s Macaroons contain over 40% fat, so these high-calorie treats are ideal for providing a simple and tasty boost of energy.

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13. Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky

high calorie snacks for hiking

The hat trick of energizing trail treats, these rabbit jerky treats are high in protein, high in fat, and high in calories. Rabbit is a novel protein, so it's often suitable for pets with food allergies and sensitive digestion. 

Find them in the original rabbit jerky, or the popular rabbit and sweet potato pairing. The best part is that they are sold in individually wrapped packaging so that they will stay fresh and chewy even on long or multi-day hikes and camping trips.

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14. Spunky Pup Dog Treats

high calorie dog snacks

The perfect blend of your dog's favourite flavours and your favourite childhood candy. Spunky pup treats are a smaller treat, but still offer plenty of vital calories and energy for a strenuous hike with your pooch. The smaller size allows for more frequent treating to support training. 

With some classic flavours like cheese, bacon, and chicken, these fun treats are sure to keep your dog energized and satisfied no matter where your adventures take you. Muttlikes have the highest calorie count at 12 calories per treat. 

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15. Fruitables Whole Jerky

high calorie dog snacks

Our final pick for the top 15 high-calorie dog treats is Fruitables Whole Jerky treats. Offered in full-sized jerky strips or bite-sized jerky pieces, Fruitables Jerky is high in protein and calories for a snack that provides that extra boost of energy your dog needs.

Single ingredients bison or salmon are the top sellers, but Fruitables duck or turkey and sweet potato bites are among their mouth-watering options. 

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How to Safely Store Dog Treats on a Hike

Depending on where you are hiking, you may want to be sure that your pup's treats are safely stored. The smell from these high-calorie goodies could also be attractive to other dogs and wildlife. 

When you are hiking the trails in the wilderness, you must always be aware that you may not be the only animal in that area. Keep your and your dog's tasty snacks in resealable bags or air-tight containers, and store them in backpacks. Never leave any food out, or you may end up with some unwanted visitors. 


Which high-calorie dog treats help keep your dog fueled on your adventures? Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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