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You’re a dog lover, a cat lover, and a lover of animals in general, which is why you want to feed your pets the most nutritious, most natural diet. You avoid fillers, preferring high protein dog and cat foods heavy on quality meat ingredients. Perhaps your attention stops here, but maybe it goes further back to how those animals, which now feed your beloved pet, were treated. After all, they’re animals too, and deserve to be treated well.

Open Farm Pet Food is the meeting point between your pet’s health and the ethics surrounding the treatment of the farm animals that go into their food.

The Open Farm Team

A family business operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Open Farm’s focus is your pet’s health and happiness, while respecting each farm animal that will eventually feed your dog or cat. Through offering quality pet foods and pet treats, the Open Farm team is helping to drive genuine change within the pet food industry, while maintaining a positive impact on the environment.




Open Farm Team Members:

  • Isaac & Jacqueline
  • Derek
  • Domenic
  • Five Rescue Dogs (Open Farm’s daily motivators)

Open Farm’s Quality Pet Food Difference

The Open Farm commitment to nutritious pet food products makes them stand out amidst a world of “pet fast food”, which is focused on profit over your dog or cat’s well-being. And they’re willing to prove it. Open Farm’s transparency and accountability allows pet owners to see where their pet food comes from, giving them peace of mind that their pet is eating only top quality, naturally sourced ingredients.

Open Farm Lives by Four Tenants

1. Healthy Food For Your Pet

Dogs and cats are not suited to a diet rich in corn, or a diet overflowing with processed glutens – pet food companies, however, are well-evolved to making these types of foods because corn makes them money. But meat makes pets happy and healthy. That’s why Open Farm Dog Food and Cat Food recipes contain a minimum of 30-31% protein, with at least 80% of that protein derived from animal sources.

dog with open farm food

Open Farm uses:

  • Premium Protein (raised humanely)
  • Quality fresh fruits and veggies (grown naturally)

Because Open Farm food is focused on making animals happy and healthy– not on all the money that can be made in the “pet fast food market”– all their recipes are grain-free and contain no corn, no wheat, and no soy. The lateral effect? Open Farm is easier on your pet’s stomach because of its simple ingredients.

Open Farm encourages pet owners to cycle between their various pet-food recipes, keeping your pet interested in all the unique flavours. You may just get jealous of all that variety!

  • Open Farm Classic Dog Food Recipes
    • Homestead Turkey & Chicken
    • Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish and Green Lentil
    • Farmer’s Table Pork & Root Vegetable
    • Pasture-Raised Lamb
    • Wild-Caught Salmon
  • Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Recipes – Treat your dog to raw dog food with the ease of traditional dry dog food. These foods can be used as a topper, or as a complete meal.
    • Grass-Fed Beef
    • Homestead Turkey
    • Surf & Turf
    • Harvest Chicken

Is your mouth watering yet? Maybe it’s just us….

2. Ethically-Farmed

Open Farm is dedicated to the health of all animals, from the diet of your pet, to the diet of the animals on the farms they work with. As a partner of Certified Humane and Global Animal, Open Farm works with farms that have passed inspections by third-party organization to ensure the farms are humane.

This inspection includes:

  • The Diet of the Animals – This includes a fully-vegetarian diet, with ample food so that animals are not required to compete to eat their fair share.
  • Hormones and Antibiotics – Open Farm is committed to working with farms that do not feed their animals growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Living Space – Farms don’t have to be jails. At Open Farm farms, crates and cages are forbidden, and a proper, clean space to bed down are required, along with room to run.
  • Stress Reduction – Transportation can cause undue stress on animals. That’s why Open Farm farms are required to do everything they can to reduce that stress, including having an Animal Welfare Officer responsible for implementing an animal welfare plan.

3. Sustainable Pet Food

Open Farm’s commitment to animals extends beyond pets and farm animals. By focusing on creating a sustainable business model, they help maintain our ecosystem, fostering a better life for animals the world over.

From their ingredients to their packaging, Open Farm takes steps to minimize their environmental footprint. Open Farm partners with Ocean Wise to ensure their fish is sustainable. And they’ve launched the first pet food bag recycling program in collaboration with TerraCycle, a leader in the industry, to maintain a small carbon footprint.

4. Transparency

Companies promise the world in every ad, but there’s always an asterisk or small-print giving them enough wiggle room to slither their way back to the bottom. But with Open Farm Cat Food and Dog Food, they’re willing to prove their dedication to their ethics by remaining transparent. To do that, they started with the ingredients list on the back of the bag.

Ingredient lists are mandated by the government, but Open Farm has taken the ingredient to a new level.

Each bag of food contains a lot code in addition to their ingredient list. The lot code can be typed into their website, and each ingredient on the list, from the pork to the ‘natural flavouring’ is expanded on, revealing where each ingredient was sourced from. In addition to this, they’ve partnered with a variety of third-party organizations that are leaders in their field to ensure their commitments are upheld.


Open Farm Partners

By collaborating with independent, pet food industry-leading partners, Open Farm carries forward its quality process with like-minded companies who care about pets and animals as much as they do.

Open Farm’s partners include: Humane Farm Animal Care, Ocean Wise, Seafood Watch and Terracycle.



It’s this shared commitment to exceptional quality as well as ethical farming practises that are helping to drive this movement forward: A movement dedicated to doing right by you, your pet, the farm animals feeding your pet– and to the environment.

Open Farm Pet Food

Open Farm is one of the rare companies that practice what they preach, and are willing to stand up and prove it to you. Whether your biggest commitment is to the health of your pet, or the health of our planet, Open Farm’s dedication to animals, and their transparency on how they act on that dedication, is a relief. In a world where everything is billed as healthy and sustainable, the peace of mind that transparency can bring is priceless.

A commitment to animals means a commitment not only to your pet, but to farm animals as well. Buying Open Farm Dog Treats, Dog Food, and Cat Food is consistent with that commitment – it’s a purchase you can feel comfortable with and proud of.

Learn more about Open Farm today, and try any of their great flavours for your beloved dog or cat. If they could thank you, they would.

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