Eqyss Canadian Marigold Spray: Natural Pet Moisturizer

Dog & Cat

Dry, hot summer weather can mean a lot of fun outdoors, but it can also cause some trouble for your pet's skin. Protect your pet's coat from dirt and drying out, all while keeping them smelling fresh and clean with Eqyss Canadian Marigold Spray. Eqyss is a natural, chemical-free spray that keeps summertime nuisances like dry skin and dirt away from your pet's precious coat, keeping it shiny and soft all summer long. The included natural botanicals give your pet the skin boosting power of herbs that have been used medicinally for centuries.

Summer Skin & Coat Damage

Finding a safe way to protect your pet's skin and coat from summer damage can be a challenge.  Dry, hot climate conditions disrupt your pet's natural moisture balance and can cause hair to become brittle and dull and skin to be scaly and flake. With drier skin also comes more shedding. Eqyss Canadian Marigold Spray creates a natural barrier on your dog's skin and coat that locks moisture in and repels dirt, meaning your pet can likely go longer in between baths. Fewer baths keeps more of your pet's natural oils in their skin and coat, keeping their skin supple and their coat naturally beautiful. With natural marigold scent, your dog or cat will smell good, too. Works for 12 hours!

Natural Botanicals

Eqyss uses a blend of cloves, rosemary and marigold botanicals to keep your pet looking and smelling great. Here are some of the properties of these natural botanicals:


Cloves are a natural antiseptic and analgesic, used historically as a homeopathic remedy for toothache pain. Clove oil has many suggested uses as an essential oil: aids digestion, relieves minor skin problems, helps repel insects, eases respiratory problems, addresses fungal infections, wounds, and cuts, and has relaxing qualities.

Source: Mercola


Rosemary is another all-star botanical, prized by the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans for its many herbal benefits. Here are just a few of the essential oil uses: helps control cough, eases headache pain, improves mental energy, stimulates hair growth, and improves hair shine.

Source: Mercola


Also known as calendula oil, marigold has been used medicinally for centuries. Some of its herbal properties include: aids chapped, dry skin, anti-inflammatory, soothes minor skin conditions such as eczema, speeds wound healing, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. Calendula (marigold) has even been studied as a mild mosquito repellent.

Sources: MercolaTavassoli M, Shayeghi M, Abai M, et al. Repellency Effects of Essential Oils of Myrtle (Myrtus communis), Marigold (Calendula officinalis) Compared with DEET against Anopheles stephensi on Human Volunteers. Iranian Journal of Arthropod-borne Diseases. 2011;5(2):10-22. 

Canadian Marigold Spray can be used on everything from your cat and dog to your horse. Don't let summer dryness get to your pet. Keep your pets looking, feeling, and smelling their best all season long with Eqyss! 

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